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Jacksonville VAX-D

Welcome to Atlantic Coast Medical Care, Jacksonville Florida's premiere Vax-D and Spine & Pain treatment center.

Authentic VAX-D Treatment in Jacksonville

VAX-D is an efficacious procedure–safe and proven. Our OEM Vertebral Axial Decompression equipment is light years ahead of other spinal decompression systems. VAX-D is unparalleled in authenticity, completely proven by extensive clinical research studies. It is a gentle process of “spinal distraction” utilizing a patented biofeedback method that precisely tailors effective and pain relieving spinal decompression that is uniquely tuned to each person and each specific injury down to the specific vertebrae involved.

Atlantic Coast Medical was formed in 2000 by Dr. Scott Rosenstein, who used his training and experience to offer the best quality clinical care available to patients in the Northeast Florida and South Georgia areas. Now with Clinical Providers and a Network of Clinics Spread all over Jacksonville, we are busy serving the local community needs to help people eliminate or manage their ongoing spine and general musculoskeletal pain problems. With a team of Compassionate Physicians, Chiropractic Assistants, and a Massage Therapist specializing in all aspects of spine care, we have been offering the residents of Florida and beyond, access to most modern Minimally Invasive Spine Care including but not limited to the following:

  • Vax-D for herniated disc / bulging disc

  • Spinal Decompression Treatment
  • Specialized targeted Spinal Injections

  • Nerve Radiofrequency procedures

  • Modern and advanced Cool Radiofrequency procedure for treating sacroiliac joint, thoracic and post spinal surgery painful conditions of the mid, lower back and sacroiliac joint areas.

  • Radiofrequency treatment of the degenerative painful discs done via Needles (Disc Biacuplasty) procedure

  • The Interferential Electric Muscle Stimulation procedure

  • Laser Disc Decompression procedure

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator trials for patients where that is considered to be the indicated intervention thus offering a wide range of services to the patients. Typical patients benefitting from Spinal Cord Stimulator are patients with failed spinal surgeries, patients with rib pain from Chest-Tube placement/ Shingles etc, post Plastic Surgery Painful conditions, and other general lower back and sciatica problems and neuropathy pain etc.

Surgical Options?

Where surgery is indicated, we work with teams of experienced Orthopedic and Neuro-Spine surgeons in the Jacksonville area where we can coordinate care so that if the patient is deemed surgical, we can refer them to the best trained and experienced spine surgeons with a proven track record who use the MINIMALLY INVASIVE approach, wherever thats possible, to do what we refer to in simple lay terms as ARTHROSCOPIC DISC DECOMPRESSIONS with Microscopes and Metryx Tube System thus giving superior results and faster recovery.

Technology We Use

Atlantic Coast Medical Care's main office is located on Beach Blvd. We have in house modern X ray equipment to help the Physicians do spinal procedures with least waiting period as possible to make it convenient for the patients who are in pain and need help fast.

Advanced Neurodiagnostics

We use advanced Neurodiagnostic testing with EMG's and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCV's) in house and with local neurologists to help localized if a single nerve root is causing the SCIATICA, where multiple disc herniations etc are present, to do the most focused minimally invasive procedures that increases the injection success rates significantly thus simplifying spine care and avoi ding the shot gun therapy used blindly in many other clinics thus giving us an edge in patient satisfaction regarding pain relief.

Medical Massage

We use therapeutic medical massage, mostly covered by health insurances, for in house spine & fibromyalgia pain control, using a very skilled massage therapist with more than 5 years of massage experience. We also offer Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, and therapeutic medical massage.